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      Alice Jewelry is an international designer jewelry brand originating. With the brand management philosophy of "Blooming the world · Love Travel the world", we invite more than 100 cutting-edge jewelry designers and star designers from five continents around the world to design romantic, elegant, commemorative and treasured art jewelry through the exclusive ownership of national flower trademarks of more than 46 countries, taking the "national flower" of each country as the theme. Alice Jewelry adheres to the original design style, aiming to bring jewelry design back to life, create national flower art jewelry with unique  Alice brand style and characteristics, and make the global national flower art jewelry bloom forever.


      [Brand Honors] 2017 China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands List, with a valuation of 9.045 billion yuan, Top 10 International Designer Jewelry Brands, China Arts & Crafts Cultural Creativity Award - Silver Award, 2015 Asia's Top 500 Brands, Milan Expo Designated Jewelry Brands, Jewelry Industry's Leading Quality Brands, Jewelry Brands Outstanding Product Creative Brands, 13th & 15th & 17th &18th China Changchun Film Festival only designated jewelry brand.



     International Designer Brands
ALICE Jewelry invites renowned jewelry designers worldwide to express a lifestyle of love and beauty through original designs, elegant lines, fashionable elements, and creative concepts, meticulously crafted in a state of mind, tranquility, and purity. Let jewelry design return to life, achieving a happy interpretation of family, friendship, and love in life.


Brand philosophy


Blooming World · Love Travel the Global

ALICE Jewelry invites globally renowned designers to design artistic jewelry with romantic, elegant, commemorative, and collectible themes based on global national flowers.
Alice Jewelry will lead the pollen to participate in the "National Flower Love Journey" and experience the charm of national flower art.






Product philosophy

Global National Flower 'Art Jewelry'

ALICE Jewelry invites globally renowned designers to incorporate global national flowers as design elements,
Create magnificent and colorful dreamy art jewelry, with the national flower symbolizing nobility and a unique sense of ceremony,
Give the world's most precious gifts to those who understand love the most, and let the world's national flower art jewelry bloom forever.

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